Organic Farm

Slow Food


We’re pioneers in natural and organic farming in Spain.

We produce a limited quantity of high quality raw milk ewe’s cheese, Iberico hams & charcuterie, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, vegetables, fruits and wholesome breads.


Our farm has 300ha of evergreen oak tree forest (called “encinas”), natural pasture (called “dehesa”) and wheat fields which are protected natural land, where our cattle grazes freely.

Home to the near extinct Verata goats as well as the wooly Mangalica pigs, which are the only central European cousins of our Iberico “pata negra” pigs. They live together, in perfect harmony, with the indigenous black-eyed Churra sheep and the lazy African water Buffalas, whose milk is used to make the world famous Mozzarella cheese. Let’s not forget to mention the impressive bullfighting bulls, which our neighbour Spanish “matador” El Niño de la Capea raises right next door…


Wild boars, hares, rabbits, pigeons, Milano eagles, foxes and more… are also local residents to the farm, although these just come and go as they please. Sometimes you may not see them as they’re on a wild wonder. But rest assured, they are always somewhere on the estate.

“We’re firmly committed to the preservation of indigenous, rare and endangered species in the Duero Valley. For that we created The Slow Fund, in which 1% of the farm’s gross revenue is invested annually. Thanks to this, we can offer shelter to different near extinct or simply rare animal species so they don’t disappear… sometimes it feels a bit like being on Noah’s ark here!

We’re proud owners of our indigenous Churra sheep, as well as of the near extinct Verata goat. We’ve even persuaded a few Water Buffalos to bathe in the Duero waters. And Victor brought over the endangered Mangalica pigs from his last trip to Hungary. He just fell in love with woolly happy chaps and introduced them to their cousins, the Ibericos, at Hacienda Zorita Organic Farm. I’m telling you; so far they love their new diet of local acorns!”


President of Slow Food and committed to the preservation of endangered species.