Hacienda Zorita Wine· Hotel & Spa



The Dominican Friars were given the estate by the noblewoman Ines de Limoges, who was hoping to save her deceased husband’s soul. The Friars lived here and cultivated these farmlands and wheat fields. Like us, they were farmers!


Christopher Columbus stayed here whilst raising funds to sail across the Atlantic to follow an alternative route to Marco Polo’s way to get to China...or so he thought. He actually ended up in San Salvador, in the Bahamas!


Don Tomás de Solís, an industrial visionary of his time, built the most cutting-edge flourmill in the Duero Valley, making the estate famous throughout Spain. After a devastating fire, the estate was abandoned and left in ruin.


Throughout most of the 20th century our estate reached its lowest point. For decades no one had the patience and vision to take care of the hacienda. This is where we came in.

We brought Hacienda Zorita back to life as the home of Marqués de la Concordia family of wines - with the dream to restore it back to its original beauty. We knew this would mean hard work, so we searched for the long lost blue-prints and started at the beginning, brick-by-brick…

“When I was offered to join a trip to the Duero Valley, I had no idea where I was going. We flew into Valladolid from London; we hired a car and drove about an hour to Hacienda Zorita. Along the way, the landscape became more and more sparse, evergreen oaks and vineyards started popping up on the horizon. It felt a bit like Tuscany…although I knew I was in Spain! As we drove into Salamanca, I had to hold my breath. My friends and family had told me the city was amazing, but I did not expect this! I found out it was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1988. I wasn’t surprised! We saw amazing cathedrals, beautifully restored palaces and the buzzing Plaza Mayor. It reminded me of Florence... but without the countless tourists flooding the place! This is the real thing, a place you should not miss.”

Ana, The Haciendas blogger