The Haciendas Club


We founded The Haciendas Club in 2012 as a members' club "without walls" in the City of London. Since then we made it a "meeting point", where Club Members and their guests are able to socialize in true Spanish style: enjoying great food and a glass of wine among friends, while embarking on a journey of discovery of the very best of the best that Spain's way of life has to offer

Today we have become a group of like-minded people, who share a common passion for Spain, the country that is home to Europe's last genuine gastronomy. But above all, we pride ourselves in being a «meeting point», where we can get together and connect with other Club Members, at venues that you can call home.

We make a vibrant community with Club Members from very different backgrounds – from expert winemakers & food aficionados, to business executives, entrepreneurs, etc. – and from across the globe. A diversity that creates exciting gatherings where you can socialize, swap experiences, taste new wines, tell stories and mostly to feel at home on an evening out.

"Since we first met in the Duero Valley, we've been talking about creating some sort of "meeting point" where ardent people from all around the World could get together to share a common passion for Spain and the Spanish way of life. We decided to call it a "members' club without walls", because our club is about people, not clubhouses. Our first actual location was at Broken Wharf House, in the City of London,but it's fair to say that we call Hacienda Zorita home. And Madrid is our next step..."

Jaime Boville Gª de Vinuesa & Richard Macadam, the founders.