Hacienda Zorita Wine· Hotel & Spa

This place has been run by farmers since its foundation in 1366 and it shows. At Zorita’s Kitchen the friars cooked what they grew, nothing else.

There is no better place than the land of bread & wine to taste the famous farm foods from Duero Valley. Only 10 minutes away from Hacienda Zorita’s Organic Farm. There’s no better place to eat, drink, socialise and have fun while enjoying our unparalleled river and garden views.

Don’t forget to take a peek into our Cheese Room, where you can sample all of our farm cheeses and learn how to pair them with our finest estate wines.

  • The Wine & Dine Bar for casual food & drinks· cocktails.

  • The Terrace for casual wine & dine al fresco, weather permitting.

  • The Refectory. Enjoy sitting at our communal tables.

  • The Tapas Experience is served for lunch & brunch.

  • Our famous Afternoon Tea is served from 6:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m. (don’t forget you’re in Spain, therefore the afternoon for us starts and ends late... and expect our afternoon tea to be undeniably Spanish).


Carretera Salamanca-Ledesma Km. 12
37115 Valverdón


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