We’re Farmers· Since 1366


The Americans call it a farm-to-table restaurant... we simply say we’re farmers. Since 1366.

We use Nature’s only way to preserve the food’s original nutrients, quality & flavor: IQF. Since early times, farmers, fishermen and hunters preserved their goods in unheated buildings during the winter season. IQF stops decomposition by inhibiting the growth of most bacterial species and does not require additives or preservatives as micro- organisms do not grow when temperatures are below -9.5º C. Storage requires a constant temperature of -18 °C (0 °F) or less. At Zorita’s kitchen we use some pretty serious kit that runs at -35º C.

For the same reasons we dislike milk pasteurisation, wine filtering and all the food processing techniques which alter nature’s good work. We enjoy the challenge of working with “proximity cuisine” while bringing our good farm food from our kitchen to your plate, no matter where you live… hence the name!


We do contemporary farm cooking. It recreates a lighter, healthier version of the traditional simple dishes of our Duero Valley’s farm cuisine which were cooked daily at Zorita’s kitchen, then run by the Dominican friars.

Wholesome and authentic, some modern dishes have been added to the friars’ basic diet, to serve simple, healthy country-chic farm produce in: soups, salads, tostas (traditional open-faced toasted sandwiches on paysan bread), torta rustica, pasta & other Veneto specialties, homemade pastries… including many vegan and vegetarian options.


We’re opening our Zorita’s Kitchen farm restaurants all around the world, so family & friends can enjoy our farm foods & wines without having to travel all the way to our Hacienda Zorita.

You can already find us in London, Madrid, Stavanger and Salamanca… and expect to find your Zorita’s Kitchen next door soon.

We’re not the kind of people who only keep the good things to ourselves!

We’re farmers
We cook what we grow.

Duero Valley
The land of bread and wine, where the sky’s the limit.

Organic is our cult
We love things all natural. Let’s not fix what’s not broken!

Mediterranean diet
Because we are what we eat.

Spanish cuisine
Ingredients are always the true protagonists.

Keep it simple
Simplicity is the utmost sophistication.

Small is beautiful
We favour small producers. Authenticity always tastes better.

At slow pace
“Anything worth doing is worth doing slowly” quoting Mae West.